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  • Inverter: solar and wind

    Setting up a renewable energy generation system in your home can be costly. Quite a popular option among home renewable energy enthusiasts is to sell some of the excess electricity they generate back to the grid, helping to pay back the cost of their renewable energy generation system and potentially make a profit! Doing this yourself requires the installation of an electrical inverter to convert the power generated by your home renewable energy generators into electricity compatible with the grid. Inverter selection can be confusing at times with many options on the market and different compatibility between certain systems creating issues and headaches. These could range from how to connect your inverter to which sources of renewables are compatible with your system. To navigate this tricky problem, TESUP thought it would be helpful to publish a run down of some of the most important points when purchasing or considering an inverter, which inverters on the market are compatible with TESUP turbines and useful information. To start, let's go over what an inverter does. Your plugs at home and the grid at large generally uses AC power to operate. This means the electricity forms a wave shape. If you store electricity in batteries, however, the power is DC which means the electricity stays constant and takes a line form instead. For the AC grid connection type, a single-phase inverter should be used. To export electricity to the grid, the electricity must be in an AC form. Therefore any electricity you generate at home, be that through wind turbines or solar panels, and then store in a battery must be converted from the storage DC form to the grid compatible AC form to be sold to the grid. This is what an inverter does, it converts the DC electricity into grid compatible AC electricity at the correct grid frequency. So now we know what an inverter does, are inverters universal and can they be used for different energy sources? It is a common practice to integrate multiple renewable energy generators, in other words: the hybrid systems. This usually takes the form of using both solar panels and wind turbines to generate electricity. That way, it is possible to take advantage of many kinds of weather to generate power for the home. The inverter with 2 MPPTs makes it possible to connect both your Wind Turbine and Flexible Solar Panels. Most solar inverters which have 2 MPPTs can be used together with solar and wind renewable products: solar panels and wind turbines. The precaution about Hybrid Inverters from the experience of TESUP product users is that some hybrid Inverters can damage your Wind Turbine. You can learn more about this type of the inverter from this article in the blog section. The Inverter data-sheet can provide you with the information about: What type the inverter is Usually, there are 3 types of inverters: String inverter Hybrid inverter Micro inverter On TESUP WebStore you will find One-Phase, String, Pure Sine Wave 1 MMPT Hybrid Inverter Start up voltage Your inverter can have a 35-550V voltage range Compatibility with your existing inverter If you already have an inverter connected to a group of solar panels, and your device has a free MPPT input, you can connect your Tesup Wind Turbine plus Charge Controller to your system. This can happen in two ways: If your existing inverter has a start voltage of up to 80V: In this case, your Tesup Wind Turbine will greatly generate energy full-time! If your existing inverter has a start voltage higher than 80V: In this case, your solar panel will be start your inverter, and the wind turbine will be freely generating energy contributing to your system. You can keep your system like this, or you can adopt a simple solution: add a new inverter only for the Wind Turbine, in parallel to your existing one, so you will be able to generate energy day and night with your Tesup Wind Generator. PS: if you have a hybrid inverter, first check this information. Connection Wind turbine > charge controller> inverter All products are compatible with each other. The output voltage of the inverter is 220V Solar panels tend to generate a very smooth and predictable power output as irradiation of the panels by the sun is fairly constant. Solar panel inverters can therefore be easily tuned to the particular power level that the solar panels produce. Wind turbines on the other hand, have a very inconsistent source of power: gusty and turbulent wind. This leads to the power generation of wind turbines varying significantly over their operation. Inverters with large operating ranges are therefore required to encapsulate and take advantage of the greater, time dependent peaks generated by wind power. It is possible to purchase an inverter that covers both of these ranges, however, to operate properly, these systems use complex switching electronics. Generally, the most efficient way to handle multiple sources of home renewable energy generation, to get the most electricity out of them, is to use dedicated inverters. Attempting to squeeze two different systems into a single box commonly leads to high operating temperatures and low operating life. So how should you go about choosing the best inverter for your system? What different considerations should you make? When selecting your inverter, one of the most important things to consider is the start up voltage. For solar panels, this minimum voltage is not a must, because the PV systems are normally composed of many solar panels connected in series, which gives a high voltage. On the other side, for wind turbines, the connection cannot be made in series, it should be made in parallel, resulting in a low start voltage. For this reason, the lower the voltage of your inverter, the better the compatibility with wind turbines. Also, it is important to look at the rated power of the inverter. This should exceed the maximum power output of your renewable energy generation system, allowing your inverter to handle the maximum amount of electricity possible in your system to prevent issues. You should also consider the warranty provided by the manufacturer to cover you for any potential issues. There are many good inverters on the market, giving a good pool of options most suited to your renewable energy generation needs. The inverter that is best for you is highly dependent on what system you have and its requirements. Of course, TESUP also provides wind turbine inverters, when purchasing a TESUP wind turbine you can choose to add an inverter directly to your order. Useful links: How to connect a Wind or Solar Inverter to the Electricity Grid, your Home Electricity Board? Electric Current in Renewable Energy Products On Grid

  • The Most Productive Summer Solstice with TESUP

    We learned a good many of topics at school but did not know how they would be useful for our lives. How about learning that one of them means a lot in real life, the Summer Solstice? What is the Summer Solstice? Summer Solstice or Midsummer occurs on June 21st when the Earth reaches its maximum tilt towards the Sun. It is considered as the beginning of summer Northern Hemisphere of the world. What a great way to greet sunny days! You must have said in which case we might need this information. That's exactly what TESUP is here to answer! The Longer Daylight, the More Energy We all are aware of the benefits of sunlight for humans and nature, yet sunlight offers us more than that. Now is the right time to benefit from sunlight as renewable energy. Did you know that you can generate up to 210Wx12hr= 2520wh energy with TESUP Flexible Solar Panels on this day when the sunlight is the longest and afterwards, too? Even you can generate more energy, if you go further in the North, like Norway. Luckily, some amazing things are not limited to one day, the efficiency you can get from solar energy and the energy you can generate are among them. Here you have our friendly suggestion to add your to-do-list for the Summer Solstice; besides spending a great day in your garden with your family, you can also generate energy for your home and electric vehicles with no hassle. All you need is a TESUP Flexible Solar Panel, it does the rest, and you can enjoy the day after applying your sunscreen. Let’s start producing your own energy in these sunny days!

  • TESUP in the world record books?

    World records are an exciting business! Of the books and magazines documenting the world’s greatest achievements, by far the most popular, prestigious and prolific awarding body is the Guinness Book of World Records. Started in 1955 this book has had a large influence on popular culture and showing the world what great achievements have been made that year! It would truly be a great honour and privilege to be a part of this great book. As a leading company in the domestic wind turbine business, TESUP has decided to step up to the occasion! This year has been marked by the TESUP application to the Guinness Book of World Records under the self proposed category of: Best-selling household wind turbines! Renewable energy generation records TESUP has decided to apply this year based on its newly announced milestone. With the constantly increasing number of TESUP customers around the world using their wind turbines to generate electricity, the combined total potential power generation will soon reach over 219,000,000 kWh annual generation! This number is by no means small, with an average household using 4,500 kWh per year. Meaning that these turbines, all in all, could potentially generate enough electricity to power 48,600 homes! With all these turbines producing power it's clear to see that there are lots of TESUP turbines all over the world! To set the scene a little here are some examples of some great eco friendly records featured on the Guinness book of world records website: Most trees planted in one hour: with the increasing popularity of planting trees to offset carbon emissions this is a great record showing the commitment of people to reforesting the globe! This record is held by the Turkish Ministry of Agriculture and Forestry for planting an amazing 303,150 trees in a single location! This was achieved in Çorum Celilkırı on the 11th of November 2019, surely making the area much more pleasant! Pollution, trees and other inspiring news Plastic pollution is a big problem the world over, leading to pollution of the world’s oceans, endangerment of wildlife and even human food source contamination. This next record hoped to tackle this partially by collecting the most plastic bottles for recycling over the space of 12 hours! By recycling a single plastic bottle you can save enough energy to power a lightbulb for three hours or more! It is amazing then that the citizens of Bangalore, India collected an astounding 33,355.55 kg of plastic bottles to be recycled! And finally, the largest tree hugging event took place in the Republic of Korea (also known as South Korea) at the Korea National Arboretum in Pocheon, Gyeonggi. This event marked an incredible 1,200 people showing up to the Arboretum to simply hug a tree! This is a very fun record! TESUP is looking to set a more serious record however, with the current worldwide threats to the climate, growing the renewable energy sector is of utmost importance. Recognising renewable energy related records is a great way for Guinness World Records to encourage interest and development in the sector! TESUP hopes this record application shows the company’s commitment to being in the forefront of the renewable energy sector, being an example for others to follow and making a difference in the world!

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