Thank you for choosing TESUP AU, we are the World’s largest manufacturer of household wind turbines and flexible solar panels!
This is so great that you are interested in clean energy. It is important to meet and solve global climate change issues together.

With TESUP products it is easy to charge your electric vehicle and generate clean renewable energy for your home.
To become a green energy producer and user all you need is three products:
- Wind turbine, charge controller, and inverter
- Solar panels also can be connected to the inverter
Local electricians can easily install the cabling to your house within two hours. We deliver products to your doorstep in 7 days.

All information such as installation videos and user manuals for our products are available on product pages.
However, if you desire further information, you can attend our weekly lectures on renewable energy solutions or book a 1-to-1 consultancy with TESUP engineers.  Book Now! 

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